What if you knew what actions to take to resolve your symptoms, and they no longer disrupted your life?


We help you take powerful action, so you can get control over your life back.

If you are SURE something is not right in your body, even though other practitioners have been unable to help you,

If you want a path forward, because you have tried everything you can think of without success,

If you want to address your health concerns using natural or food-based strategies first,

If you are motivated to devote time and resources to making a significant difference with your health…

Confluence Nutrition coaching can help you restore your health.

What other have to say about Confluence Nutrition Practitioners:

I always considered myself a very healthy, energetic person. I exercised regularly, ate fresh food from the garden and rarely touched any processed foods. Still, when I hit peri-menopause, it was clear I was heading for the most miserable years of my life. I was exhausted yet wired, miserable and quick to anger but feeling like I had no fight left in me.

After visiting several doctors, I was feeling lost. They didn’t listen to me and thought my questions were ridiculous. I was told that it was all part of growing older. It was at this time that I learned about Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and found that Amanda was a new practitioner.

My first consultation with Amanda was eye opening. Before testing began, she had insights that would later be confirmed by tests. From that first day, I was given tools to begin a path to recovery. Now, months later, I’m feeling all-around better than I have in many years. I had been feeling lousy for so long that I didn’t realize how freeing it is to actually feel really well.

A sense of calm has come to me that I don’t think I’ve felt in all my adult life, and I’m able to face challenges each day without the usual sense of panic and dread. The underlying stress and all of the symptoms that entails has all but disappeared and I feel like I’m entering a new, fresh phase of life.

Becky Grant

CFO of a non-profit, Mother, Gardener, Artist